Sunday, June 26, 2011


 Yesterday I went with a few friends and my sister to a wedding. We had a really good time.  I bought this dress at the last minute and wasn't to sure about it, but since I really needed a dress I bought it any way, and I'm glad I did.  With the right accessories, right shoes, and right hair you can definitely make anything look good. :) 
 As you can tell I have been going to the beach and tanning.  Banana Boat oil really helps to tan you; it works really good and plus it smells good.
 I used my sister's camera, but a lot of the pictures with her camera came out really white; so I just decided to use my camera (mine's a little old school) lol.

 The dress looks white, but it's not. The dress is like a nude pink color if that makes sense. lol


  1. You look really pretty. When I first saw the pictures and read that you went to a wedding I was like, "Did she wear white to someone elses wedding?" lol, but then I kept reading and saw that it was more of a nude blush color. It looks really gorgeous on you.