Sunday, August 28, 2011

Girls' Night Out


 Hi, everyone.  Last night I went out with my friends.  We went to a club called Ember in Anaheim.  We had such a good time.  I bought this dress almost two years ago, and I love it.

 I wasn't really feeling the clutch.  I bought it online and it looked way different; so I decided not to wear it.  I've always loved bodycon dresses.  I'm looking for some dresses to buy so I can wear to Vegas.  I have a lot of black dresses and wanted to try some other colors.  Any websites that you guys recommend I buy some bodycon dresses? I normally buy my dresses from:,,,,,,, and  My next stop is the Kardashian Collection at Sears. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

In love with a blazer...

 Last night I went to a party, and prior to that I went to a BBQ.  To the BBQ I wore this romper with just some sandals and without the blazer.  I had been looking for a cream blazer for a while and found this just a few days ago at F21 and fell in love with it.  These shoes are soooooooo comfortable. I honestly don't wear heels often and when I do I'm dying (lol), but I was able to last in these heels all night.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Wish List

 I bought this Solia flat iron online and I love it. I had the Sedu but this one is way better. You can buy it at WWW.FOLICA.COM that's where I bought most of my flat irons.  I love shopping on that website.  It even has reviews on all the products and usually has discount codes towards your purchase.  In case you guys don't know I have wavy hair and you know everyone wants the opposite of what they have. lol
 This watch is to die for!!! lol
 So yesterday I had gone to the mall and I fell in love with some Michael Kors watches, Aldo shoes, and Purse. I really wanted all those stuff. I will eventually buy them later. I really want the a Michael Kors watch but I'm not sure what color I want either the rose gold or gold. What do you guys think?
 How fab are these shoes?