Monday, August 8, 2011

Wish List

 I bought this Solia flat iron online and I love it. I had the Sedu but this one is way better. You can buy it at WWW.FOLICA.COM that's where I bought most of my flat irons.  I love shopping on that website.  It even has reviews on all the products and usually has discount codes towards your purchase.  In case you guys don't know I have wavy hair and you know everyone wants the opposite of what they have. lol
 This watch is to die for!!! lol
 So yesterday I had gone to the mall and I fell in love with some Michael Kors watches, Aldo shoes, and Purse. I really wanted all those stuff. I will eventually buy them later. I really want the a Michael Kors watch but I'm not sure what color I want either the rose gold or gold. What do you guys think?
 How fab are these shoes?

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  1. Oh yes, those shoes are fabulous. I must have those for winter/fall.