Sunday, September 25, 2011

Las Vegas Show Me the Moneeeeey!!!!

If you ever go to Las Vegas, I suggest you go Margaritaville. It's delicious! I had a medium rare steak, mash potatoes, and some veggies. They even have a show there. 
 Went to Vegas on Thursday the 22nd. We stayed at the Cosmopolitan. We came back Saturday night. We had such an amazing time. I went with some of my very good friends: Lucia, Marisela, and Perer.

 We were headed to Club Marquee at the Cosmopolitan.  I do not recommend anyone to go to that club. Horrible place to go to. lol

 I really wanted to wear some kind of chandelier earnings, but I was not able to find any.

 We were at a pool party at The Cosmopolitan called Marquee and we had an amazing time here. We loved it.

Shopping at H&M and being a little silly with Perer.