Sunday, May 6, 2012

Perer's 25th Birthday Celebration...

Celebrated my friend Perer's birthday in a yacht in Long Beach and of course had som P.F. Chang.  It was really good. Had an amazing time. 

Perer's birthday was celebrated all weekend long.  We were headed to Abby's and had an amazing night.

A pic of my nephew and I. Isn't he adorable?
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Dad's Surprise 60th Birthday Party

 Sisters <3
 So of course we had to surprise my dad with a surprise 60th birthday party.  What better way to do it with some mariachis. He was even more surprise when the mariachis came.
 (Top) Sister in law (Bottom pic) Cousin
 My best friend Perer and my niece Cynthia

This day my sister and I had to do a little retail therapy and treated ourselves to some watches.  I finally bought my Michael Kors watch I been wanting.

It's been a while...

 Hey, guys, I know it's been a while. Just thought I post some old pictures and keep you informed of what I have been up to. These pictures were taken back in February. I spent my birthday weekend in San Diego and had an amazing time with my friends. We went to Balboa Park and did some "touristy" stuff.

 We had gone to Black Beach. Just in case you guys were wondering why they call it "Black Beach" because the sand is black lol Black Beach is also a nude beach.  Don't mind the naked man behind me. lol

 My really good friend who lives in Oceanside bought me a cake. It was delish!
We even went to Old Town San Diego
Of course I had to stop by Downtown San Diego and went to Stingree. By the way you can follow me on Instagram "Helenmo87"
Have a an amazing day!!!